Jason Yu

San Francisco, California · moc.liamg@nosajeldroy

Life is short, and every day is a new hill. Embrace the climb and learn to love it. Be humble and compete with yourself.


Software Engineer (Merchant Finance & Tax Service)

DoorDash Inc.

• Merchants' most trusted business partner by issuing accurate, consistent, and transparent payments and deliverying financial products.

• Led the development and launch of critical products, including taxation, reconciliation, invoicing, and capital management, meeting the needs of diverse customers.

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration and adoption of these products across domestic and international customers.

August 2019 - Current
San Francisco, California

Software Engineering Intern

ULAB (Undergraduate Research Lab at Berkeley)

• Created interactive online Python tutorials with multi-users sharable Jupyter Notebook

• Established the student portal that supports secured login and dashboard using Flask Framework

• Underwent the penetration test on pre-deployed Jupyter Notebook and successfully detected the critical vulnerability

July 2018 - Dec 2018
University of California, Berkeley

Academic Intern

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

• Hosted mini-lectures and Q&A session for 40-50 students (9 hours/week)

• Explained Java programming, data structure, and dynamic programming (15 weeks)

• Assigned daily quizzes, gave personalized feedback, and mentored students on labs and projects

June 2018 - Dec 2018
University of California, Berkeley


University of California, Berkeley

Class of 2019
B.A. Computer Science

Completed Coursework

Computer Science

• Assembly Language Programming
• Advanced Programming with C & C++
• Computer Security
• Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
• Software Engineering
• Operating Systems and System Programming
• Program Design and Data Structures
• Introduction to Database Systems
• Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


• Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
• Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems

Data Science

• Concepts in Computing with Data
• Principles & Techniques of Data Science


  • Kotlin & Java
  • Python


  • chAirBears2 (Python, Cisco WebEx)
    • 1st placed on the CalHacks 5.0: Cisco API Challenge
    • Detected the available seats and the number of people in the library using ImageAI, OpenCV, and YOLO3
    • Pipelined the statistics regarding seats, number of students, and library traffic to ChatBot and supported semi-real-time notification

    • Provided keyword-based trained ChatBot that notifies the seat availability of the libraries using Cisco WebEx API

  • Secure File Store System (Go)
    • Created Secure File Storage System that supports secured login, secure file storing and sharing
    • Securely encrypted files using CFB Encryption and guaranteed its integrity by HMAC
    • Guaranteed the secured file sharing using RSA encryption and signature scheme

    • Perfectly protected users' credentials and files against 50,000+ automated attacks

  • Bear Maps (Java, Maven)
    • Built a scalable Berkeley map that supports prefix matching search and navigation
    • Optimized the route selection by using A* search algorithm (improved the runtime by 53%)

    • Improved space and runtime complexity with prefix matching feature by using Trie

  • Verbal Clap (Python)
    • Suggested the optimal voice tone obtained from speech dataset trained by Softmax Regression

    • Provided the list of words for the better speech quality using Oxford Dictionaries API and script dataset

  • Yelp Maps Project (Python)
    • Predicted the restaurants' ratings based on the users' reviews using the Linear Regression and Yelp academic dataset
    • Visualized the rating distribution on the Google Maps using the Voronoi algorithm

    • Clustered the preferred restaurant distribution using the k-means algorithm


  • Traveling
  • Teaching
  • Cooking
  • Badminton
  • Mindfulness